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What are the buttons on the console?

Console commands are a debugging tool available to PC gamers, which can be used to add many features to the game. On American English keyboards, the tilde key (~) toggles the console screen, but on British English keyboards this key is the gray tone key ( ` ). The tilde key on American-English keyboards also represents the grave mark. It is located below the escape key ( Esc ) and only to the left of one (1) key. Output commands outside the console window area can be moved with the Page Up and Page Down keys. A BASH command history can be moved up and down with the arrow keys.

What are the console controls in Skyrim?

Skyrim’s console controls put Tamriel at your fingertips. Maybe you’ve played the game too many times, or at least you started it. You know Black Falls Barrow like the back of your hand. Sure, but were you born into 100 wheels of cheese? You made yourself a giant and fought real giants? Did you fly from Riften to Solitude just to see the sights? All of this, as well as other more practical things, can be done with Skyrim’s console controls.

Comparisons with other games :

Like in Old Scrolls III: Morrowind and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, the console control is only available in the PC version of the game.

Code input :

The codes are not case sensitive; a is the same as A.

The codes are displayed as follows: Code <#>

In this case, < and > are not entered with the code, and # is replaced with the desired number. The code for adding an element is specified as follows: The players. Add an element <#>

If 500 gold coins have been added, they are entered as follows: player.additem f 500


To target an object, open the console and click on the object. The name is displayed on the central screen. The element that the console focuses on is also called the reference.

The target can also be selected with the PRID command and the reference ID of the target.

A short code or prefix is required:

The short code refers to a code whose short form can be replaced by the long form.

ToggleFogOfWar is a form of long code.

TFOW is a form of shortcode.

The required prefix refers to the code that requires a prefix to function as intended.

SetHealth <#> sets the maximum health of the selected target by a click or PRID command in <#>.

Player.SetHealth <#> sets your maximum health to <#>.

For more helpful suggestions, this list of Skyrim’s many console commands will help you take perfect screenshots. They will help you level up your character immediately to try out the new planned battlefield. They allow you to open doors instantly when your pick has run out and you don’t want to look any further. Sometimes a good thief breaks the rules, right?

Using Skyrim’s console controls

To activate the console, simply press the tilde (~) key and enter the appropriate codes as shown below. You can lock up several at once, making you invincible, able to fly and teleport.


Be careful, some of these console commands may cause bugs, problems or crashes. It is therefore better to save the game first and use the codes in another save. They don’t want to change anything and are stuck with it.

Many of these console commands require an NPC or object or location with a reference number. Here is a quick checklist of reference sites where you can find these codes. Remember: CTRL+F is your friend!

Skyrim console commands to switch

The switch control for Skyrim turns various game functions off or on. You can disable the UI to take great screenshots or disable NPC detection to become the perfect thief.

1. tgm –

The good old divine mode means that you are completely invulnerable to everything and that you are almost a god.

2. tcl

With no disguise you can walk through walls, ceilings and mountains like some kind of ghost. Use the code again to return to normal operation.

3. tm

Switches all menus in the game. Perfect if you want to take screenshots to convince your friends and family that you’ve been on a Skyrim vacation. Note that this also hides the console command menu, meaning you have to type it again without seeing the console.

4. tmm [0/1]

Followed by 0 or 1, activates or deactivates all markers on the map.

5. tfc

Unfortunately, not Team Fortress Classic. However, you can access the Flycam, where you essentially leave your guest body behind and float in the air. Ideal for screenshots.

6. Thai

Turn AI on and off, meaning the NPC won’t interact with you and won’t do anything at all.

7. tcai

Turn the combat AI on or off and turn the dragons into peaceful beasts that pretend you’re not there. It’s a bit like cats.

8. tdetect

This allows you to act like a little rascal, as you can turn on or off the detection of naughty things (theft, murder, poop in the woods, etc.). But you always get caught trying to be a pickpocket.

9. tfau

Deactivate the fog of war on the local map and fill it completely.

Skyrim Player Console Controls

Skyrim players can set different stats for their Dragonborn. You can change your level, your face, your weight, and a lot of other things.

Consequences of code

1. psb

All the spells in Skyrim are yours now! It’s like graduating from magic school under the second player.

2nd upper floor

is automatically assigned a level.

3. Display menu

Are you unhappy with your blind or nearsighted boss friend? You can customize your character’s appearance like you did at the beginning of Skyrim, but your level and skills will be reset.

4. Player capacity. modav

Where Skill is the skill you want to change, and # is the amount you want to change it by. Skills are displayed with their in-game name without spaces, with the exception of Archery, which is called Marksman, and Speech, which is called Speech.

5. Add a player

Every item in Skyrim has a code, similar to an Argos Fantasy item catalog. You can find them in our list of Skyrim product codes. Now your dream of making your own 47 potato and kale soup can come true.

6. player.additem 0000f

An easy way to get free gold. Any number between 001 and 999 is suitable.

7. player.additem 0000000a

Not enough lock pickers? Enter the number you want and they appear as if by magic.

8. additive

Use the Shout ID reference page above to give yourself one of the Dragon Son skills.

9. The players.

Set the desired level with this handy control – by setting it to zero, you completely reset the desired level.

10. player.set level [#]

Raise or lower the level of the players at your discretion.

11. player.setav speedmult

You want to run like Flash? Set this number to 100 to speed up the movement.

12. reader.modav portable weight

Are you tired? Increase your weight and you can carry more candy. If you switch to god mode (tgm), you can also carry as much as you want.

13. player.setav health

Get in the mood.

14. Sex exchange

Change the gender of your character.


Use it to make NPCs and monsters appear at your location. Just replace the actor/object ID with the base ID (not the reference ID) from our Skyrim NPC code list. This is the team we used to disperse the dragon horde around Whiterun. Note that this command creates new creatures, not moves old ones, so if you use it on an NPC, you clone him.

16. Player goes to

Use it to move next to an NPC, handy for Harjo, a nomadic Khajiit who can be hard to find as you follow caravans through Skyrim. In this case, use the reference ID (not the base ID) before the location name. You can find the ID in our list of Skyrim NPC codes.

17. Bank to bank ratio

Choose two NPCs and create a bond between them, ranging from 4 (lover) to -4 (sworn enemy). Use it to make NPCs fight or do other….. more disturbing things.

18. Player roster

19. Changes the size of the player or NPC.

You start with level 1, which is a normal size, while level 0 is small. To an absurdly high number of ten.

20. players.trap

Drop player items, including normally non-destructible quest items. Just try to stop giving up everything you have.

21. Cook

Teleports you to any place in the world.

Other console controls for Skyrim

These are all the console controls for Skyrim. Be sure to check out this secret development room with all the toys.

1. Help

List of all console commands. We have placed it lower in the list because we want you to actually read this article.

2. Smoking coke

Bethesda has wisely included a room with all the elements of the game – type in this command to go straight there. It may take a while to load: There are thousands of articles. The Riverwood Coke guy (or any other place) to get back into the game.

3. something

Exit the game without going through any of those annoying menus.

4. fov

Adjust your field of vision.

5. Set the timeline to

The default setting is 20. Set out and discover Skyrim in a fast-paced game.


There you have all the controls of the Skyrim console in one place, you can use these cheat codes to gain an advantage over your nemesis. As a player myself, I don’t recommend it, but if your competitors break the rules, you can be sure that these cheaters will give you balance on the battlefield. Comment below and let me know if you need any additional commands for the Skyrim console.

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