8 Social Media Mistakes Real Estate Agents Should Avoid •

These days, maintaining an impeccable social media presence is an absolute necessity for any reputable independent broker or real estate marketing agency. As more and more potential buyers browse social media sites, a clean and effective profile developed using consistent broker templates can do all it takes to protect customers. However, many real estate agents fall into these common mistakes.


1. Being too informal or appearing unprofessional

Since the main purpose of a real estate social media page is to promote your services, being too informal can be detrimental to your profile and therefore your professional image. This can be difficult for many agents, as there is something to be said for creating a sober image. On the other hand, if you regularly post in a very informal environment, those who read them may not consider you a true professional.

2. Do not use conspicuous patterns.

The importance of good aesthetics on social media cannot be underestimated, especially on sites like Instagram where visuals are paramount. With the right social media real estate templates and a consistent aesthetic that helps you brand your profile, you can make your page stand out.

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3. Make inappropriate comments on your agency’s account

All too often, some brokers use professional profiles to make personal comments on other accounts. Clients pay attention when you post inappropriate or unprofessional comments on your agency’s account!

4. Over-emphasis on advertising or sales promotion

While your page should serve as a professional springboard, placing too many ads can bore and drive away followers. For example, instead of running ad after ad, try focusing on organic content:

  • Video with your top tips for buying a home.
  • Surveys and other contributions encouraging participation

5. Ignoring stakeholders in comments

For a social media page to thrive in the long run, you need to engage with your followers. If you regularly receive comments from your followers but never respond to them, you could be damaging your image and your chances of getting more engagement in the future.

6. Too many details in a list

Many social media followers like to see variety, so posting too much information about an offer can be overkill, no matter how good the property is. Instead of describing the same place in detail over and over again, try to highlight a few features.

7. Posting too many personal updates

Even if you want to connect with potential customers on a more personal level, don’t make your page a personal refuge for your life updates. Too many personal updates can scare away followers and force them to go to other, more professional pages.

8. Attempt to keep accounts without professional assistance

Finally, if you edit your pages yourself, remember that you can call on a professional. If you delegate your social media accounts to someone else, you can more easily combine your work and maintain the right tone on your pages.

When potential buyers are scouring social media for the perfect real estate agent, a prominent profile page can be very helpful. Avoid these common mistakes the next time you post!

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