27 Animal Puns – Be Really Cool And Make Anyone Roar With Laughter!

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The puns we are going to look at today are animal puns.

There is an art to making a good pun. They require quick thinking and clever wordplay. Puns are not the highest form of comedy, but they certainly provoke a reaction (usually an eye-rolling pun).

You can make puns about anything you can imagine, from furniture to pop culture to technology. They are not only hilarious, but also very affordable and fun for everyone!

Improve your pun with these punk animalspuns!


4 best animal plays

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Looking for the best of the best animal puns? Then look no further than the following, because they are guaranteed to make everyone who hears them laugh! Look at them and see if they make you laugh.

Here are the top 4 animal plays:

1. Keith, hey!

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It’s been proven that whales greet each other this way. In reality, whales communicate through a series of clicks, whistles and pulses. Some whale species can even communicate over long distances, depending on how often they click.

2. What is the cat’s favorite book? The Great Catsby!

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A classic romance in the world of cats. It was published in 1925 by a cat named F. Scutt Fitzgerald and is considered one of the best American novels of all time.

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3. You have a cat that is now a kitten to me.

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Double pun in the same sentence. No one will know what happened to him. But if you say this to your cat, she will probably just stare at you or run away and walk through your house for the third time that day.

4. I could use a cup of coffee.

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Hey, if you were stuck in the tunnels all day, you might want a cup of coffee too. You can’t destroy gardens and build tunnels without your daily dose of caffeine, can you?

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4 clever animal plays

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Do you think puns can’t be funny or clever enough to be considered a serious form of comedy? So get ready to be proven wrong! Check out these clever puns and see if you can make them up yourself!

Here are 4 clever animal plays:

5. Why can’t dinosaurs clap? Because they’re dead.

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It’s a pretty dark joke, but it will definitely make someone laugh. A sharp and unexpected dose of dark humor is what excites me. I wonder if dinosaurs could clap? Unlikely, given his physique, but one can dream, right?

6. Where do cows go on holiday? New Zealand

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Did you know that there are 6.4 million dairy cows in New Zealand? Another 3.6 million cattle are used as fodder. I think it’s a very popular resting place for cows.

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7. Which dog is the quietest? Silence of the puppies!

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The correct name for the Hush Puppy breed is Basset Hound. Their sense of smell and ability to detect scents are among the best of their kind. But the breed with the best sense of smell is the bloodhound.

8. Why do pandas prefer old movies? Because they are black and white!

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Did you know that pandas actually have limited color vision? Nevertheless, their eyes resemble those of nocturnal animals, so they have excellent night vision. They are also nearsighted and therefore have difficulty seeing things at great distances.

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5 short word games about animals


Sometimes the short and sweet wins the race. Wait, that’s not the analogy….. Anyway, if you’re looking for a nudge to make someone laugh, check out these fun puns. Sometimes you don’t have to make a long and complicated pun to make people laugh!

Here are 5 little word games about animals:

9. Where do polar bears vote? VoteNorth!

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Voting is an important part of being a northerner! Even the polar bears know this.

10. How do fish stay so healthy? A sea of vitamins!

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The body of the fish is richest in protein. Some foods like citrus fruits, potatoes, strawberries and broccoli are rich in vitamin C. But fish don’t eat any of that, do they?

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11. I am not an amputee.

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Elk tend to run away when they feel threatened, but they can also become aggressive. Moose won’t understand the pun, so it won’t be funny. I wonder if the moose would like this pun if they understood it?

12. Where do the rabbits eat breakfast? IHOP

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Rabbits are not supposed to eat pancakes. Pancakes high in carbs can make a rabbit sick, so IHOP is probably not a good idea.

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13. Alone and ready to fire.

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Did you know that flamingos actually mingle? They only mate for one year and then look for new mates every year, so after a year they are constantly looking for potential mates. However, they are monogamous, meaning they only mate with one partner during the year.

4 Animal Love Word Games

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Looking for a way to show someone how much you love them, but with puns? So look no further than these animal love jokes to show your love in whimsical style. Sometimes humor is the best way to reach someone’s heart.

Here are 4 word games to love animals:

14. Everyone needs a rabbit to love.

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A rabbit to love would be really great. Oh, that guy would be great too. Rabbits are actually very social and lovable animals, which makes them excellent pets.

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15. When I’m with you, I get as excited as a cat!

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Sure, having cats around always makes you happy, but your favorite is a close second! A cat lover would certainly appreciate it.

16. I love you every day of my life.

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Do you know any whales that don’t mate for life? This fact makes the pun a bit ironic. Either way, it’s fun, and everyone would love to hear it, even if it’s insignificant.

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17. I love your cat’s stamina.

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This pun may have a double meaning, because cats have an attitude. Maybe the person you’re talking to is behaving badly. Or maybe you’re just trying to be nice. Either way, it’s the intention that counts!

5 Christmas jokes for animals

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With the holidays approaching, it’s the perfect time to get in on the puns! Celebrate Christmas and make your friends laugh with these Christmas jokes that are sure to make the holidays even more humorous.

Here are 5 puns for Christmas animals:

18. Who delivers the gifts to the sharks at Christmas? The claws of Santa Claus.

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Their gifts would probably be more fish to eat or maybe jewelry hanging from their fins. Or maybe a toothbrush to clean their few rows of teeth!

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19. What do you call a chicken at the North Pole? Lost.

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I think this chicken has crossed too many roads and lost her sense of direction. I think the elves can have fried chicken for Christmas dinner! When they eat chicken.

20. What a perfect gift!

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That’s what a cat would say if you gave him catnip for Christmas and he could speak English. Giving a cat for Christmas would also be an appropriate response.

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21. Q: What is the name of Santa’s dog? A: Santa’s paws!

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This is the real name of the dog in the 2010 movie Finding Santa’s Paws. Even though it’s a fictional dog, I think it’s cute to share a name with your pet. Imagine your name is Kevin and you call your dog Kevin too.

22. Happy Hawlid!

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It almost sounds like it’s more of a Halloween pun. I think wolves love Christmas too.

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5 bad animal games

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Not all puns have to be great or clever. Sometimes bad puns are just as ridiculous as other puns. Even if you get an eye roll for what you said, they won’t be able to deny that they weren’t amused at all!

Here are 5 bad animal plays:

23. Why do cows wear bells? Because their horns don’t work.

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The real reason cows wear bells is so they can find them when they come out of their stalls. However, nowadays bells are used less because most farmers use electric fences to prevent cows from escaping.

24. What do you call a cow that eats your grass? Lawn mower

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Did you know that cows can eat up to 160 pounds of fresh grass a day? They might as well be lawn mowers, even if they are very slow.

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25. Which fish only swim at night? Starfish

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The starfish doesn’t really sleep. This is a controversial area of research, as starfish are constantly in motion. We don’t know if they are sleeping or if they keep swimming at night.

26. What is a fish without an eye called? Fsh!

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The starfish is in fact a fish without eyes! They don’t have brains and blood in their bodies either!

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Downloadable list of animal plays

Here’s a downloadable list of animal plays (right click on the image and select Save Image As…):

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Other fun word games to share or start a conversation

  1. Are you the undisputed master of tree puns? Then browse through these tree jokes and see if you can add anything to your forest jokes.
  2. Are you wearing a neck brace today? These dog jokes are sure to make you smile. Check them out and see if you find them appealing!
  3. Thanksgiving is not the only day when turkey jokes are appropriate. A good turkey joke works for almost any occasion! Check out these jokes and make your friends laugh.

How to choose the best animal word

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With so many words for pets to choose from, it can be hard to pick the best one. But you don’t have to worry, because with the following simple guide, you can find the best animal puns to add to your puns arsenal.

Here’s how to choose the best animal plays:

1. Selection from a variety of animal species

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It can be boring to tell only dog or cat jokes. Don’t forget to put puns on the different animals. Think about making puns about sea creatures, animals with wings, or even insects. There are millions of different animal species, so don’t limit yourself to the ones you know!

2. Selecting unusual animal plays

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While puns about animals we see every day can still be good puns, it takes someone thinking outside the box to come up with puns about unusual animals. Be creative and make puns on animals like an eel, a panda, or any other animal you don’t see every day. This refreshes and captivates your powerful sessions.

3. combine different types of word games

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It’s good to have a mix of clever or complicated puns and very simple, cheesy ones. If you’re only used to bland one-liners, it can be boring to hear the same kind of jokes over and over again, so make it a little more exciting and look for puns with different levels of difficulty!


Wordplay can be a very funny and clever form of humor. It can also be very bland and cheap. The scope of puns as a kind of joke is actually quite impressive. Even if you claim not to like puns, you have to admit that they elicit a reaction from everyone who hears them, whether it’s a wink or a short burst of laughter. And honestly, that’s all you can hope for as a comedian, right?

There is also a wide variety of word games. They can be about anything, not just animal talk. A pun can be painted on almost any situation or object, as long as you think outside the box. So let this animal talk be the gateway to broadening your puns horizons! I hope you enjoyed them and found a few good jokes to add to your comedy arsenal.

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