20 Dark Goth Island Ideas For Animal Crossing: New Horizons –

Black. I only work in black. And sometimes a very, very dark grey.

You too can embrace the darkness within you and create a gothic theme on your island.

From black colors to skull motifs to overall mood and sadness, there are many ideas to create a gothic aesthetic for your island.

Here are some gothic-inspired ideas to help you start your journey in the dark.

20. Skull Lake

Flush Image Source

A simple idea to create a gothic paradise could be to scatter skulls all over the island.

This means you can create a skull-shaped lake for night fishing.

When waterboarding, leave small islands in the center of the skull to indicate holes for eyes and nostrils.

Then don’t forget to cut them out so you can bite into the lifestyle!

19. LowCemetery

Image source: @AlexiAdventures

Does something smell like death?

Maybe it’s because we’re in a cemetery.

Nothing is gothic like embracing the darkness that settles into the earth beneath our boots.

Use western style stones and iron and stone fences to line a small section of the cemetery.

We also have many dark cemetery ideas on another list, so don’t forget to check those out too.

You will probably want to do this project in a remote and isolated location on your island. In the end, we are all just dust in the wind, waiting to pass over and end up in those graves.

Too dark?

18. Creepy Cafe entrance

image source: emi_clare

Who says goths can’t have fun?

But gothic fun can also be something else, like going to an atmospheric coffee house for a cup of black coffee.

Make it easy on yourself with plenty of iron garden tables and chairs for small tables, and complement each table with a set of candles. After all, that’s all you need.

You may also need to buy lanterns from Nook Miles and pave walkways with dark stone.

Don’t forget to turn on the coffee cups and espresso machine so you can serve a cup of sadness.

17. Dressed in black

Image source by @SqueeeQueen

One of the most important colors for a gothic theme is black – especially black, as it is the darkest and most dominant color.

For this idea, you should design your own gothic clothes or download a few if the creative spark doesn’t want to die out.

But to add some of that sparkle, I suggest adding skull motifs or using the vampire theme for your outfits.

I also love the other fun gothic things, like black hearts and floral patterns.

Once you receive your clothes, proudly display them for all to see! Or is it really anti-gothic because happiness is just an illusion?

16. Black flowers everywhere!

image source by @squeeequeen

Like I said before, I love black flowers.

The Dark Room is probably my favorite.

But you’re not limited to space. You can grow black lilies, roses and tulips to decorate your island.

You can even incorporate darker floral tones like purple and blue if you want. Purple roses do very well here.

The realization of some floral elements, such as. B. of a pink bed, and wearing black is another way to decorate your island at ACNH.

15. Nursery room

image source by @pepper0ne

If you need ideas for gothic rooms, try to recreate houses that fit gothic villagers.

Nan is a perfect example, as her house is almost completely black inside.

For this idea you have to buy a lot of black stuff, like for example. B. a piano, a piano bench and a kitchen island.

Black rattan furniture is also essential for maximum comfort and darkness. So get that rattan bed and vanity while you still can.

Then decorate the walls with black botanical tiles, and you can let Nan fully embrace the darkness inside.

14. Gothic Bathroom

Image source: @JustGothEnough

Goths and the sun don’t mix well.

Or is it?

I mean, goths aren’t really vampires. They don’t turn to dust when they come out or anything, do they?

A gothic outdoor design idea could be an outdoor hot tub to lighten the dark efforts of the day.

To do it yourself, make an open bathtub that you can put in a shade of black. Buy a pool bed, but make sure it’s black.

Then make them dirt roads… …as long as they’re black.

It just got dark outside, a perfect day.

13. Gothic villages

Source image by butstock

If you want to immerse your island in a gothic aesthetic, you’ll need to make sure all your villagers match it.

There are quite a few gothic villagers to choose from, such as the aforementioned Nan.

In the photo, Roscoe, Antonio and Agnes are wearing biker jackets to accentuate their gothic look.

Other featured villagers include the popular Cherry and Muffy, as well as Bella the mouse, who is perhaps the epitome of the gothic peasant woman.

Choose the right friends and you can share them in mutual darkness.

12. Black Forest

Image source: @hedgewicked

If you really want to give your island a gothic theme, you can’t ignore the natural areas on your island.

Find your favorite forest (or maybe the one you’d most like to burn) and cover it in black.

By that I mean making black tracks to create a really dark forest.

Your paths can be made of wood, stone, earth, bricks or any other idea you can think of for a forest path.

You can even decorate your bunch with the black flowers mentioned above.

11. Access to the garden

Image source: @peachy_nymph

When others visit your island, you probably want them to know right away that you are one with the darkness.

This squeaky entrance is a good start.

To start with, lay out some stone paths and place some black iron garden furniture as seats.

Then decorate your garden with the famous black flowers to enliven the area….. Or die.

What’s really disturbing is that the fossils are scattered all over the ground.

That would really discourage someone from staying on your island!

10. Great Gothic Cathedral

Image source: @jin_men56

There’s nothing like a majestic cathedral to evoke gothic design.

Seriously, when I think of Gothic architecture (which I know is different from Gothic), I only think of cathedrals.

They go hand in hand with the idea of pessimism.

But most importantly, many simple panels are used here as walls, doors and windows for the cathedral.

Then install some panels at different heights. You have to do tons of landscaping to make your rocks.

Don’t forget to build silos too and equip them with a gloomy black roof.

Surround your cathedral with tons of iron and stone fences – perfect for keeping intruders out….. Or to keep happiness away.

9. Kitchen of darkness

Image source: @ilibat

Goths do everything in the dark. And that includes the kitchen.

To realize this kitchen idea, choose black brick walls and a stone floor to create a gothic kitchen space.

Make a lot of kitchen furniture out of ironwood, like. B. Ironwood chests of drawers, mini-kitchens and cupboards.

You’ll also want to make a brick oven and make it black. Don’t forget to burn the pizza!

You can also buy a lot of black kitchen furniture, such as a refrigerator and a kitchen island.

The walls will need a lot of gothic paintings. Display customizable designs of lanterns, skulls, cobwebs or anything else that bothers you.

8. Preschool Gothic Room

image source from @hashicrossing

This nursery design might be the craziest idea on this list. …. and it’s fantastic.

We start with wooden furniture that we make in a black color. This includes a wooden box, a coffee table, a chair and a table.

Give young goths and toddlers lots of black toys like a doll, a stuffed puppy, and a canned robot.

A gothic style mirror is also essential for any gothic bedroom. It’s in the title.

You’ll also want to buy a study poster, a loft bed with a desk, and a magic circle rug for some dark spells.

Complete the fun with the Nintendo Switch.

That’s right, the Nintendo Switch for the fun goth bedroom.

7. Haunted library

Image source: @crossing.ghost

Why are libraries always so scary at night?

If you want to customize this ghost library, it’s best to start with the classic library background image.

You’ll want to put some pretty scary and boring stuff on the walls, like. B. Cobwebs, counterfeit cow skulls and cuckoo clocks.

Then you can find things like skeleton, double sofas, imperial dresser, and imperial coffee table at Nook Shopping.

You can even put in spooky houseplants like the terrarium, monster and hanging terrarium. Because even goths can appreciate nature!

6. Witches’ Alley

Image source by @Gothic_Crossing

If you want another dark entrance idea, maybe try this set of spells for dark magic.

Make dark dirt paths to start the main path and surround it with iron and stone fences.

Then make lots of kettles to put over the fence. The more you do, the more spells you can cast.

Decorate the scene with other toads.

After all, they are needed for any black magic or potion. I’m talking about making sieves and separations for some of the cloudy ingredients.

Then display custom shirts for ghosts and horror sensations.

5. Black Castle Garden

image source by @acnhcelestial

If you want to live in the dark, it’s not just the design of your home that matters.

The outside also needs a refresh.

With this idea, you can decorate your home all in black, and don’t forget to decorate your door with a skull door panel.

You will also want to customize many simple panels to create different walls and windows for your stately, dark castle.

In the background, you can add many levels of elevation to create other stories in a gothic castle dungeon.

This is also where you want to place silos and lighthouses to match the towers of your castle of solitude and isolation.

All you have to do is plant black tulips in your garden. Sprinkle on some white every now and then, so everyone knows you’re not completely dark.

4. Deadly wedding reception

Image source by @crossing.ghost

Does anyone else know the song A Little Piece of Heaven by Avenged Sevenfold? The one where the guy kills his girlfriend and they have a zombie wedding?

That’s exactly how I feel about this deadly wedding.

To do it yourself, set up a wooden table with a tablecloth and provide enough space for a small party.

Then prepare hay beds for the reception and lay a dark carpet with a gothic pattern.

Now you want to put fossils in the background to keep an eye on the wedding.

If anyone is going to witness this eclipse wedding, it has to be the late Dinosaur. That makes sense, doesn’t it?

3. Museum of the Dead

Crow image source.

As for everything on your island being literally swallowed up by the gothic theme…. that should be a museum too.

To create this museum of death, start by installing prison bars for the museum door.

Then design different levels of elevation with landscaping to create dark, imposing walls of death.

To make this gothic castle facade, you need to modify some simple panels and silos and place these elements on the rocks.

I really like the way this guy divided the Megaloceros fossils between the two sides of the door. This is what really creates the atmosphere of death.

2. Haunted room

Image source by @crossing.ghost

Remember the idea of making a haunted forest? Just listen to me.

We can try to recreate this in your home!

To create this dark bedroom with forest design, start with a mushroom forest wallpaper and a mushroom floor.

Then, install your furniture.

You will want to buy a lace rug, a simple wooden bed and an antique console table.

Make sure a candlestick is also needed to light the darkness. You can also customize the mama bear to showcase your favorite goth shirt design.

Finally, don’t forget to show the cobwebs everywhere.

They’re in the woods, so there are lots of bugs crawling around in the dark.

1. Phantom of the Opera

image source by @cacti_queen_ttv

Fun fact: The Phantom of the Opera is the longest-running Broadway production of all time.

It’s also a perfect choice for gothic theater at New Horizons.

To make this brilliant design, start promoting your show with simple custom signs that serve as posters. I would also recommend making a few simple panels to make it look like a red curtain.

Next, prepare the site by laying out stone walkways and installing iron and stone fences on the sides.

You can also use vintage tables with candelabras for gothic mood lighting.

But most importantly, the wedding trumpet organ will get you ready for a creepy and gruesome show.

I hear the keys that take me into the night. ….

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